About Biodynamic Growing

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommenced publication of Biodynamic Growing in December 2019 with issue 29. However, due to covid19, the consequent travel restrictions and economic climate, we have again ceased publication. We continue to work to further the spread of Biodynamics and all back issues, books and DVDs will continue to be available.                                  John Bradshaw and Anna Su, December 2021

*SPECIAL OFFER* - ALL 29 editions of Biodynamic Growing magazine are now available for $75 (including postage) within Australia, and $160 (including postage) to any other destination worldwide. No. 1 is sent as a PDF as it is out of print, all others as magazines. This is an extremely economical way to read the wealth of information accumulated over 16 years, from successful, practical Biodynamic farms, smallholdings and gardens in Australia and overseas.

Biodynamic Growing magazine was started by John Bradshaw in 2003 to bring the highly successful, scientific, Australian Demeter Biodynamic method to a wide audience. John has been practising Biodynamics since 1975, on home gardens and small farms. He has worked on Biodynamic and conventional farms, is a certification inspector for the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute and a member of the BDRI review committee. He was a founding member of the Biodynamic Gardeners Association in 1975 and was president for 13 years. He continues to train newcomers in the practical skills of Australian Demeter Biodynamics.

It is critical that the revitalising power of Biodynamics is widely adopted if humanity and the ecosystems we are responsible for are to have any future on earth.

Alex Podolinsky 2003: "I welcome John Bradshaw's impulse to create a Bio-Dynamic magazine. This will enable us to get information out to the public, consumers, scientific establishments, Government Departments, Universities. A recognised publication also offers the possibility, with associated copyrights, to publish new research and results."